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Disinformation This is a hub for those who are actively engaged or are interested to be engaged in conversations about disinformation on Wikimedia projects. Please note that the focus is on disinformation defined as “non-accidental misleading information that is likely to create false beliefs”. Please do not post misinformation related topics here. (We will have a separate place for them in the future.) Research Welcome to Research! You can use this space to discuss everything research related on Wikimedia projects. GLAM A place to discuss GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) projects and partnerships across the Wikimedia movement. Environment network A place to discuss environmental sustainability efforts within the Wikimedia movement as well as coverage of environmental topics across the Wikimedia projects. Growth The place for discussion about growing communities and retaining editors. Gender gap Discussions and collaborative efforts around closing the gender gap on the Wikimedia projects. Brand A place to discuss Wikimedia brands, logos, stylized materials, and guidelines across the movement. Wikimedia 2030 A place to follow updates on the Movement Strategy process, share input, ask questions, and learn what other members of the community are saying about our shared future. Translation A hub for Wikimedia translators to connect, ask questions, and share updates about translations pertaining to Space and the Wikimedia projects.
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