Disinformation This is a hub for those who are actively engaged or are interested to be engaged in conversations about disinformation on Wikimedia projects. Please note that the focus is on disinformation defined as “non-accidental misleading information that is likely to create false beliefs”. Please do not post misinformation related topics here. (We will have a separate place for them in the future.)
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About the Research category 1 August 22, 2019
Who are the organizers that grow Wikimedia’s communities? New research on actors that bring energy to the Wikimedia movement 1 October 4, 2019
Request for feedback: Automatic article section recommendations (ar, es, fr, ja, ru) 5 September 30, 2019
Disinformation related movement strategy recommendations 1 August 27, 2019
Why is this space formed? 2 August 22, 2019