9 years on Wikipedia :)

Completely accidentally, I went on my userpage today, and then I notice category Current Wikipedia birthdays. Curious what that mean, I notice today is my Wiki-birthday :slight_smile:

So, 9 years spent on Wikipedia, almost one third of my life.

I discovered very late Wikipedia, on my last high school year when I read a book about German town Freiburg am Breslau. So, I search for more information on Internet, and I found English version of the article. Then, of the left side I discovered „македонски“ (Macedonian), so I actually discovered for first time Macedonian version of that article. With only one sentence and image, gives me idea that I should translate English version of the article into Macedonian. And, I started translating that article, even without reading guiding instructions how to edit Wikipedia.

Basically, I`m self-educated user and editor on Wikipedia. Germany is still my favourite topic for editing on Macedonian Wikipedia. My aim is to write all articles for German municipalities and towns. So far, I did seven federal states of Germany.

Apart from Germany, my favourite topic for editing is cycling, as well. From editing on Wikipedia about cycling races and cyclists, I bought my bicycle and this year I have ridden over 11,000 kilometers.

Additionally, thanks to project Wikiexpeditions, my passion in recent years are Macedonian villages and writing articles about forgotten churches, small rivers, old buildings, etc. This project aim to document forgotten villages in remote areas of Macedonia, bringing images on Commons, creating Wikidata items, and creating or improving articles on Macedonian Wikipedia.

Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons are also part of my daily routine :slight_smile:

With over 118,000 edits on Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons, and over 8,800 created articles on Macedonian Wikipedia (which is slightly less than 10% of total number of mk.wiki), I would say that I had a very productive years on Wikipedia :grinning:


This is awesome, thanks for sharing @Ehrlich91! Being the creator of close to 10% of all articles on mk.wiki is extremely impressive. Congratulations on the impact you’ve made over the last nine years :fireworks:

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Happy wiki bday.
I think you make a good point bringing up just how much of your life was spent here.
People’s affection to our sites can really be put in the right perspective when one understands just how much this is not a transient hobby for many.


Happy 9 years!! Here is to (at least) 9 more! :) :) :owl:


Happy birthday, Toni! :gift:


As a(n online) witness, I can assess that @Ehrlich91 kicks the bike pedals restlessly!

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@qgil-WMF You should visit us, maybe at a CEE Conference in September 2020, and I can show you around my beautiful country, especially Ohrid Region. Of course, with bikes :slight_smile: