A usable guide to Canada

Over at Wikivoyage, all 683 city- and park-level articles for Canada are at usable status or above. There are no outlines or stubs left. Now, any reader looking into a destination in Canada will find an article that has useful information for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Canada! ~~~~


What a fantastic accomplishment! Congratulations!

Btw in the Russian Wikivoyage I have written about a couple of dozen articles on Canada (mainly about Quebec and Ontario) which contain more info that both English and French versions. In particular, Saint Anne des Monts got the guide status, Sainte Anne des Monts. (Quebec City is a usable article, but here one can argue whether we are better than the English one). All of them are probably easily translatable. I am leaving for holidays to Canada in a week, so I expect to have more by the end of the year.


Thank you! Wikivoyage has been in the building stage for a long time, and is held back by there being another wiki travel guide, Wikitravel, which is still around it is no longer getting many updates. It still often appears in search engine results above Wikivoyage, so we have some difficulty getting attention. There is an active community of contributors, though.


Excellent! I will check those articles out. добро пожаловать в Канаду!

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If I could travel back in time, I’d totally check this out before going to Wikimania Montreal :p Out of curiosity, do you self-organize to improve coverage of -upcoming-selected-for-Wikimania countries in time?


I guess the English Wikivoyage may do this occasionally, other language editions do not - the target audience is too small.