Accessing closed groups?

Hello there !
Aren’t we supposed to be invited to closed groups? I am registered for learning days but I didn’t receive an invitation to a ‘cohort’. Is there anything I need to do?
Thank you.


@LMiranda_WMF do you have an answer for me?

Hello @DRanville_WMF! I’m helping @LMiranda_WMF get participants into their closed groups.

In general, members of groups can find their closed groups, along with any public groups, listed on the Groups page. You can also access this page by clicking on the hamburger menu next to your avatar in the top right, then clicking “Groups”. Visit the “Messages” section to see all posts. Users will also see a notification over their avatar whenever a message is posted to their closed group. This will be automatic, no need to request anything or accept any invitation.

The caveat is if users created a Space account using a different email than the one they used to sign up for Learning Days, they’ll just need to let us know so that we can locate them.

I’ve sent you a PM to get you sorted. Thanks for the question!


for sure we are “learning”…
thanks for the help !

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No problem! Some things are less intuitive than others, so please ask away! Feel free to post or PM me any time.

Hi Elena,

I use a different email for Wikipedia and also a different email for acceptance into Learning days. So I cannot locate the group I am supposed to be in for learning days. I am in cohort 2.



Got you in your group! Thanks @Owula_kpakpo