Adding applets to articles

I have a student who is going to do her end-of-degree research adding content on advanced physics to Wikipedia and, at the same time, creating some widgets/applets to run interactivily those physical concepts, so the viewer can see how if you change some parameter you have different results.

As far as I know, we can’t embed applets at Wikimedia pages, but we can do a fixed images and link it to an external source where the applet would be stored. BUT, this is something we should start considering, as the hands-on idea is very relevant on some scientific areas.

Some days ago I discovered this: So yes, inserting Widgets is possible on any given Wikimedia site. And as far as I understand this can be done via javascript. So, the question is: is it really possible to add applets or we don’t have the required technology yet and this two examples at WikiWidgets are only examples?



Hi Theklan. If I understand your questions correctly, I believe the answers are:

It is currently only possible to embed javascript into a wikipage, via a ‘.js’ page in the ‘Mediawiki:’ namespace - Note that these pages are only editable by Interface Admins, so it’s not simple to make updates (for good security reasons!). That is how the examples work which you’ve linked above.

It is not possible nor desirable (for good security reasons!) to embed code that is stored offwiki. E.g. we couldn’t embed something from

The technical details of future possibilities seem to have been previously discussed in

I suggest you (or your student if they’ve already got clear technical questions) try asking in that second task, to see if there has been any further discussion elsewhere, and to ask if there is any way you can help move it forwards via your specific project as an example. Ideally you could include links to any existing draft-code or project-specs.

(And personally, I strongly hope it works out! I’ve been eagerly awaiting interactive components such as a VIR calculator for years!)


Currently the students are working with python, so it is out of our range to translate everything from py to js in order to get this working. Hopefully, we will have a couple of simulations luke that you link soon, and we can start working on how to deploy it if possible at Basque Wikipedia, as a test.

Thanks for the links, I will ask there.