Adding username on map

I see the map shows a number of current and upcoming Wikimedia events, can it also show number of Wikimedians by country? If yes how do I add my username on the map?


Hi @Bobbyshabangu, you can find the users map under the menu at the top right, then click Users, then click Users map.

Yes, it is a bit hidden…

To add yourself to the map, go to your profile preferences, and define your Map location.

This is how the [Users map](Users map) looks right now:

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I added my location (country, I saw some others user did the same), but I am not on the map (after several days). What did I do wrong?

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I think there is something wrong with the user map. I had reported the case of one user that has the same problem than @Samat: there is a location introduced in their profile but the user doesn’t appear in the map.

In fact, I have just checked and… I don’t appear in the map either. I was among the first users visible in that map. I haven’t touched anything. I don’t know know when I disappeared from the map.

I have a suspicion that our change from Phabricator login to Wikimedia login has something to do with this, even if I cannot base it on anything.

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I filed a Phabricator task about this (T239969) and mentioned it to the plugin developer.