[African Wikimedians] Call for Local Organizers: 2021 Months of African cinema contest

We hope this email finds you well and you are staying safe.

The Afrocine Project core team would once again like to thank everyone who contributed towards ensuring the success of the Months of African Cinema Contest in 2020. Due to your valued efforts, the third iteration was a success! Over 3,000 articles were created across various Wikimedia projects and in 19 different languages.

Months of African Cinema, 2021 is three months away! To ensure a more seamless organization this year and better support, we are calling on interested local organizers from across the movement to join us in facilitating this contest in their various communities.

This year, in addition to local community organizers, we are particularly also inviting Wikimedians to help coordinate the contest in their local languages, as this will play a huge role in the number of languages that would be eligible for international prizes. If you would love to join us in organizing this exciting contest in your local community or your local language wiki, kindly show your interest by listing your community or project on the organizer’s meta page. [1] Please try to sign up by 23rd July 2021.

Thank you once again! We are looking forward to your participation.

Kind regards,

Ebenezer Mlay,

Community Liaison, Afrocine Project

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/The_AfroCine_Project/Months_of_African_Cinema/2021