[African Wikimedians] EduWiki Outreach Collaborator for Sub-Saharan Africa

Hi all,
I am happy to announce that I have been selected as EduWiki Outreach Collaborator for Sub Saharan Africa. In this volunteer role I would be collating stories around Education programs within the Sub-Saharan Africa region.
Do you have stories around your various education outreaches you want to share with the rest of the movement kindly reach out to me on owulakpakpo{@}[gmail.com](http://gmail.com).
I look forward to working with you all and share your stories.
FYI official release below.

Dear Wikimedians,
Join me to welcome the EduWIki Outreach Collaborators[1], we are joined by
a group of Wikimedia volunteers from various parts of the world. This group brings expertise in working with different communities, projects, and together they will support education leaders and other stakeholders in our movement with better networking and communication practices for growth on Outreach Wikimedia and associated platforms.

While we received many applications for different roles, we are still looking for female Wikimedians to join for the role of Outreach Wiki Experts. The application for it is still open![2] You can find more details about it on the Outreach Wiki page[3].
[2] [https://bit.ly/eduwikiccc](https://bit.ly/eduwikiccc)
[3] [https://w.wiki/WKR](https://w.wiki/WKR)

-- *Sailesh Patnaik*
Program Associate, Education

So excited for you Owula my friend!

You will do great!

Oral Ofori


Congratulations Justice!

Congrats Justice!

Ephraim Percy Kenyanito

Congrats bro!!

Best Regards,

(U: Marajozkee)