[African Wikimedians] Fwd: Proposal for quick multi-stakeholder IGC focused on Movement Charter

To do things most expeditiously and with representation from all stakeholders, I propose an Interim Global Council of 21 members, with the sole purpose and power of drafting a Movement Charter text:

*7 chosen by all affiliates together
(This would not be a full ASBS-style election, but by general consensus-based discussion through SWAN and similar channels, and could include several members with WG experience.)
*7 directly elected by the community on Meta
*7 appointed by the Wikimedia Foundation

These members should all be selected by May 1, and would then work together to draft the Movement Charter. After one or two months of collaborative writing, the text will then be submitted to the community on Meta for proper ratification of the various articles.

I would welcome any input to be shared on-wiki at the following talk section, of course variations on these ideas are welcomed as well:





Received. Thank you.