[African Wikimedians] Join the Africa WIki Challenge Campaign!

Dear Wikimedians,

We are happy to announce the maiden edition of the Africa Wiki Challenge, a writing contest that calls on all Africans, people of African descent, people that identify with the continent or any one with an interest in Africa to contribute content about the many things that make up the true and rich identity of the continent (its rich and colourful cultures, history, landmarks, education, cities, rivers, lakes, food, vegetation, etc.) from 23rd May to 30th June 2021.[1] The campaign seeks to project stories of Africa, project its identity and help reduce the content gap about the continent on the web.[2]

Each year, we will select a theme to guide users on what to contribute to as part of the campaign. This year, we have selected the theme “Landmarks in Africa”.[3] The aim is to document all landmarks that cover historical, cultural, geographical and places of key significance to a country or the continent. These include but not limited to;

  • Monuments - Statues, Memorials, Historic buildings, Archaeological sites

  • National Demarcations - Districts, Municipalities, Metropolitan, Regions, States, etc.

  • Geographical Endowments - Mountains, Valleys, Forests, Waterfalls, Wildlife, Beach, etc.

  • Infrastructural Developments - Roads, Hospitals, Churches, Mosques, Schools, Rails, Water parks, Hotels, Theme parks, etc.

Individuals or affiliates are welcome to participate or support the project. You can participate in the competition by writing new articles or improving existing articles in the destubathon contest.[4] Visit our participate page for more information about how to join the competition.[5] Do you want to organise an activity in your group/country/region? Check out our organizers page or organizers guide for more information.[6][7]

There will be virtual office hours prior to the start and during the campaign.[8] These office hours are opportunities to learn more about the campaign, ask questions, or receive support.

Kindly send questions, suggestions, comments or concerns to info@ofwafrica.org or visit the campaign page on meta or on our website.[9]


Ruby D-Brown

Administrative Executive

Open Foundation West Africa

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