[African Wikimedians] Our nominee for Movement Strategy

Hi all,

This just a reminder that we have to nominate someone for the next step in the Movement Strategy.


Hi Sandister,

Where do we nominate people? What is the process?


Dear Sandister and Isla,

Thank you for this ping and for a clarifying question!

  • We are asking regional collaboratives to nominate one person to take part in a design group. The aim of the group is to design the virtual events that will concentrate on creating the implementation plan for the movement strategy recommendations [1] in a participatory and inclusive way. The voice of Indaba is needed to meet your expectations and enable participation of your region in the upcoming conversations. Please consult the previous email sent to this list or our landing page on meta [2].
  • Some regional collaboratives already have their usual communication space as a Facebook group, Telegram channel, etc. where nominations and discussions can happen. As an option we have provided a central nomination space on meta, which could be used. I have just added a space for WikiIndaba there [3] - feel free to use it.
  • The process is not strict, but overall we encourage nominating people who know your region and its challenges and opportunities well and can engage in a conversation to surface these perspectives. It can also be a self-nomination. We do not recommend a voting process, but rather an endorsement process where other members of the community can support the candidates. The person with most compelling endorsements will be the one that seems to be best fit to take the seat for the region. You can propose ideas to improve this process to be better adapted to how you work together.
    I hope it makes things more clear. Looking forward to your nomination and seeing WikiIndaba well presented in the movement strategy discussions moving forward into implementation!

Best regards,


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/Wikimedia_movement/2018-20/Recommendations

[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategy/2030

[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Strategy/2030#WikiIndaba

Dear all,

Also following up with reposting the criteria presented in our previous email regarding this call for nominations.

Call for nominations

Online engagement with a high number of diverse participants from across our movement will be challenging. Therefore, the Wikimedia Foundation is convening a small design group to collaboratively shape the transition to implementation, including the setup and scope of the virtual events. The idea for the design group is to bring together community members reflecting different parts and regions of the movement (CEE, ESEAP, Indaba, Iberocoop, North America, South Asia, WikiArabia, WikiFranca), representatives from the EDs and chairpersons groups, and WMF staff. The design group will have project management and facilitation support.

Open design will be used for this work so anyone interested can participate, share insight, and provide feedback on the discussions. Community members and Movement Strategy enthusiasts who are not part of the design group are invited and highly encouraged to provide feedback online in parallel as reviewers, and to later take part in the decisive virtual discussions.

For the design group, we are asking for one individual nomination from the WikiIndaba group:

  • The task will be to work with a diverse group of people from across the movement to design how the process of online events will be set up.

  • The nominee should be familiar with the Wikimedia movement, interested in strategy, and ideally an active online contributor from the projects OR from an underrepresented community.

  • The work is scheduled to begin in the third week of June and planned to conclude at the end of July.

  • During this time, you will meet 5 times virtually as a whole group for two hours each time, and you will be expected to carry out some asynchronous work in between meetings.

  • Please also consider diversity criteria during the nomination. Traditionally we have lacked prolific online and technical contributors in the discussions, and there has been an inclination towards male participants and those from high-income “Western” countries. We hope that you can help us bring a more diverse range of perspectives into design discussions.

I hope this is helpful!


I am more than happy to nominate myself if I can get the community’s backing.

Yes Sandister, I support your nomination.

Looking forward to feedback from others.

Sandister is a great pick,

She has my full backing and I actually hope she also gets the nod as well…

Fingers crossed,
Oral Ofori



I support Sandister’s nomination as well.




Dear African Wikimedian colleagues,

I present to you Isla Haddow-Flood, known as User:Islahaddow on the Wikimedia projects. Isla has been involved in the Wikimedia movement for close to a decade with experience in project management, community management, and volunteers retention. I’ve found her to be generally helpful, low-key, and dedicated to the mission and vision of the Wikimedia movement in Africa and beyond.

Isla is someone whose works continue to challenge and inspire me.

Isla is a founding member of Wiki Loves Africa, a project known to have activated many Wikimedia communities in Africa, and has co-lead the project since 2014. She is a co-founder of the Wiki Loves Women, Kumusha Takes Wiki, and WikiChallenge African Schools WikiFundi to mention a few.

She was previously a member of the Grant Advisory Committee for the Wikimedia Foundation and was involved in the planning of the first Wiki Indaba in Cape Town in 2014. She was also involved in planning for the Wikimania in 2018 and she was recognized for her work by the Wikipedia co-founder, Jimmy Wales.

She is not new to the movement strategy as she previously served on the advocacy working group of the movement strategy.

I have no iota of doubt in Isla’s competency, temperament, judgment, and effective representation of the African Wikimedia community at the movement strategy team.

On this note, I nominate Isla Haddow-Flood to represent us at the Strategy Design Group. Thank you.

Isaac Olatunde

FYI, the voting/endorsement is taking place on meta.