[African Wikimedians] Please house I encourage you all to help endorse this project to make it a reality 😊 https://metaGrants:Project/Rapid/Amuzujoe/Landscape_photography

Please house I encourage you all to help endorse this project to make it a reality :blush: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/Amuzujoe/Landscape_photography

Thank you

I encourage folks to be more thoughtful about endorsing grant proposals. Only put your name as endorser if you genuinely think the proposal is a good use of funds to achieve the intended outcome.

In this case, my opinion is that this is too much money for too little impact. E.g. printing 20 T-shirts for 100 expected pictures?

In general, this is a fairly standard volunteer activity (taking landscape pictures) that should take place with little expenditure. Support for transportation needs, and perhaps entrance fees and food for the travel makes sense, but the rest seems to me to be unnecessary.

For instance, camera rental: it makes sense to encourage photography by experienced photographers, who generally already have their own gear. If the plan expects fewer than 20 experienced photographers to attend, then it should be scaled down to a more realistic number.

If 20 photographers are supposed to create only 100 photos, meaning an average of 5 photos per person, it’s very low impact per person, and per dollar.

I am not a grantmaker (but I used to be one) and have no decision-making power over this proposal; if I were, I would have rejected this proposal for the above reasons, and asked Gabriel to rethink his plan and focus on impact and expenses that support it directly.

I write this because I think it is improbable that everyone who has already endorsed the request has read the proposal carefully and given thought to these questions, so I wanted to demonstrate my own thinking about this proposal.

It is one of the signs of a mature community that it is able to tolerate friendly criticism and saying no to colleagues, rather than automatic support based on β€œloyalty” and social connections. Evidence of such maturity would be necessary for the creation of a significant regional hub, for instance.

I am happy to discuss this further, if anyone is interested.