[African Wikimedians] Wiki Loves Africa's 2021 Winners announced outside Wikimedia community

Hello all

We are very excited to announce the winners of Wiki Loves Africa 2021. Due to a permissions issue (that is now resolved - thanks Commons heroes!) we had to delay the external announcement of Wiki Loves Africa’s 2021 winners.

As you will see on the official announcement [1] there is so much to celebrate in the full collection but the winners really do shine, and show why Commons and the Wikimedia projects are so important. If you are interested, dig into the information here …

Social media channels:
Facebook page [2]
Twitter [3]
Instagram [4]
YouTube playlist [5]

• Social media hashtag : #wikilovesafrica #wikilovesafrica21 #celebrateAfrica

We would really appreciate it if you would share the news!! And if you are interested in exploring further, please take a look at the:

  • Press release [6]
  • Press kit [7]
    Wiki Loves Africa could not happen without the tireless input and energy from the Wikimedia communities, user groups and enthusiasts across Africa and beyond. Thank you, thank you for your incredible enthusiasm.

The international jury this year was made up of a heady balance of Commonists and professional photographers. Your dedication, time and experience was invaluable. I hope I have covered all of the time and effort in this detailed jury report [8].

You can get a chance to meet the winners and hear about other participants in the project on Friday’s WikiAfrica Hour - details on Meta here [9].

(A similar release in French will happen during the course of this week!)

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Isla, and Flo and Ceslause