Anyone going to WikiCon NA want to distribute Space stickers?

Anyone going to WikiConference North America who would be interested in handing out Space stickers and letting people know about Space?

Wikimedia Space Hexagon Sticker
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Hi, sure we’d be happy to have them at our sticker table - we plan to have WCNA, Wikibase, and many other stickers there. Want to give them to an WMF attendee or ship them?


I am going as well, so if you ship with a WMF attendee – happy to share them around.


i’m still waiting for yours ;-)

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Can we have some for the WMTechConf event in a week or so? :slight_smile:


@DTankersley_WMF sure, happy to send you some. I’ll connect with you via PM.

@Fuzheado and @Astinson-WMF, thanks so much! It would be great if there were someone interested in and able to pass out stickers while talking to people a bit about Space. I imagine you both have lots of other things on your plates! Otherwise yes, I’ll find someone going from SF and let them know you’re both able to help with sticker placement :)

@srishakatux will be doing us the honor of transporting Space stickers to WikiCon NA. I’ve told her that you two are able to help passing them out, @Fuzheado and @Astinson-WMF. Thank you all! :green_heart:

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