Are you the organized type? Add tags to Space topics!

Are you someone who likes to organize? Do you want to help your fellow Space users get the most out of their experience? Help by adding tags!

In addition to showing what specifically is being discussed in a topic, tags are followable, so ensuring that every topic is tagged correctly means people can more easily get the content they are interested in.

Anyone is able to add a tag to a topic created by someone else. Just click the edit button below the first post, add the appropriate tags, and save your edit.

I’ve been adding tags as we need them, so the current tag list is by no means complete. To request any tags as you go, just reply in the newly-created tag request queue.

The enforcement of tags has also not been as thorough as it could be (my apologies - I take full responsibility for that!) so if you have any questions, feedback or things you’ve noticed about general practices, feel free to reply there too.

Note that mirrored mailing lists do not have the Edit Wiki feature enabled, so you will not be able to add tags there. Every other category should be open for tagging.

Excited to work together to get conversations more organized and followable :fireworks:


Is that a hard limitation or just something that’s not configured / requires minor development? We don’t have a lot of mailing list content right now, but once we start mirroring large lists and importing list archives, being able to tag them seems valuable, and conceptually unproblematic (unlike editing the title or body of an archived email).

I agree that being able to tag mailing list messages is valuable. Having your messages organized by tags and more easily searchable is, I think, a big draw of having a mailing list mirrored in Space. The issue is that the Edit Wiki feature is what confers the ability for all users to add tags. It also confers the ability for all users to edit the first message of any topic. Since a mirror should indeed be a real mirror, having anyone able to edit the body is less than ideal.

Without the Edit Wiki feature enabled, users with Trust Level 3 and above can still add tags. That’s the way we have it set right now.

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