Article flashback in Notifications service

I was wondering if it is possible to make an extension of the Notifications service so that users receive a flashback to randomly picked articles created on the same day years before just like automatic messages are sent when an edit milestone is achieved. Bringing back memories of past activity can be highly inspirational for users having hard time to find interesting topics to write about.

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I remember using a mobile app that did something similar for social media. It was called Timehop.

I think something similar would be fun. If someone had the technical know-how I bet a prototype gadget could be made that could present edits from a users contribution history (As a non-developer I’m invoking Cunningham’s Law. :)

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Timehop sounds great! As a non-developer either, I warmly welcome any input on this from the technologically skilled community members.

So the tool for this would be Echo notifications:

At the moment, I don’t think it supports custom notifications for different communities. (Edit:@Tgr suggests that its technically feasible below). @Trizek_WMF is working with the Growth team which is thinking about different ways to keep folks engaged.

To me this sounds a bit like a bot type task, worth piloting on a local wiki (like @Samat is doing for piloting other retention projects on Hungarian wikipedia). A well piloted local wiki activity would be great for demonstrating the potential for it to be a viable project on other wikis.


Thank you for the extensive comment Alex. :slight_smile: I like the idea of experimenting with novelties aimed at editor retention and community growth.

Technically, nothing stops you from enabling a notification type on some wikis but not others. And fetching once a day what you did N years ago does not seem hard. So it’s just a matter of getting consensus and writing the code.

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