Asking for help for the education of a girl in Bangladesh

Fionn Kidney CC BY 2.0 (

At the Wikimania in 2018 I met Manik Soren, a wonderful and dedicated Wikimedian from Bangladesh. This young man was essential in getting the language version of his people, the Santals, out of the incubator. The Santali Wikipedia now is a thriving project. He has a good friend who is not active on Wikipedia himself, but supported him all the way. Through Manik I became friends with him online.

This friend now asked me to help him with the education of his daughter, Victoria. It is not easy for a girl in Bangladesh, especially one from the Santal people to get a good education. My friend is very much afraid that her talent and gifts will be wasted, if she goes to the public school. Victoria is eight years old and at the moment third in her class. Her parents would like to send her to a private school, but they cannot afford the money needed: 15000,- Bangladeshi Taka per month, which is around 160,- Euros. I am now trying to raise the money to send her to school for one year with your help.

I know it is a bit crazy to ask for money for the daughter of a friend of a friend. I am not even giving your the name of this family, as I want to protect their privacy. But I strongly believe Victoria should get at least a small part of the privilege most of you who read this share with me - the privilege of a good education.

I am planning to visit Bangladesh in November and visit Victoria and her family. I am sure I will be able to learn a lot more about her and bring back some pictures that show her progress in school to share with you all.

Thank you all for trusting me that this is indeed a worthy cause to invest a bit of your money!!!

Here is the link to the Go-Fund-me campaign: Gofundme campaign