Bumping old open topics automatically

We have decided to try a feature of Discourse, the software powering this forum: bumping old open topics automatically.

We have enabled this option in two categories: #ask-here and #about-wikimedia-space:space-feature-requests. If you see one topic being bumped out of nowhere, this is why. We have set the bumping to one topic per day, the minimum allowed.

We believe that this feature will help us keeping these categories tidy, processing or updating open topics almost forgotten, assigning better tags to them, and so on.


I think that this will be a good feature. :+1:

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This doesn’t seem to work correctly, e.g. Which tools do communities use to communicate? has been bumped despite not belonging to either of those categories.

It was bumped (correctly) while it was at #ask-here. Then I realized that this is not a question-answer type of topic, so I moved it to #other.

This is a practical example example of how the automated bumping is useful to keep clean the specific categories where it is enabled. :slight_smile:

I have disabled the bumping at the #ask-here because, after some good triaging and cleaning, it is up to date now. We can reenable it again whenever is needed.

What do you think about this feature so far? Are there other categories where you think it could be useful? I was wondering #about-wikimedia-space and also about #events + subcategories.

About the latter, maybe the bumping could be used to get a summary of how the event went, or links to summary/pictures, or as a reminder to create a new event for a future edition of that event… Or at the very least we could close old events that expect no new interactions, so these topics are not suggested anymore.

I don’t like it, it clogs list of new topics.

No, please :expressionless:

Thank you @wargo for your feedback. It would be interesting to gather feedback from more people to have a better sense of the opinion of the room.

In any case, if the automatic bumping reaches the one month old topic mark, I will disable it. Even if I like this feature personally, I believe it is valuable when digging old topics out.

Bumping events makes zero sense to me. (Or maybe only events that have not happened yet? Is that possible? Still I’d rather go for pinning events just about to happen.)

Otherwise my impression is mixed but more positive than not, seeing old ideas that did not receive much discussion or it stalled is nice. I imagine it might get annoying at some point as traffic grows, though.

I don’t like it.
I usually like to read everything once.
When I visit here I want to see new posts and not read again the same posts I have already read a month ago (or find out that there is not any new posts).

OK, I have disabled the bumping in #about-wikimedia-space:space-feature-requests as well.

The functionality is there if we want to revisit it in the future for special cases.