Can the software remember locations for recurring events?

Hey @Qgil-WMF1 (or anyone?), I wondered if it could be possible to “remember” recurrent locations? Currently it’s quite laborious to re-enter the same place over and over when we hold recurring events ^^"


Hey @Opsylac! Creating a recurring events feature is next up on the list with the developer, once he is finished with the first round of multilingual features (which are very close to being ready). Ideally, it won’t just remember locations for recurring events, but will allow you to create an event as a recurring event, only inputting the information once and selecting the recurring frequency or manually adding future dates. It will be tracked here:


I guess this might have been discussed, or will be, on the phabricator, which I have never used, neither browse (I just did it a few seconds ago, and it’s quite opaque to my understanding possibilities, sorry). In recurrent events, part of the infos will be, by definition, constant, but, and that the point, not solely the date will be variant ; some other “fields” may also vary, systematically or from time to time. For instance, the theme of each peculiar session, the type of awaited or targetted public, the precise location (rooms proned to change), etc. etc… Probably obviousnesses… but better now than too late. I stay at disposition if I wasn’t enough clear. I have also a few ideas for a GUI-side implementation, but I guess some of the developpers know how to do that with flexibility better than I can.
Thanks for your efforts making this tool better – Éric


These are good considerations, thank you @Eric.LEWIN. I’m going to copy/paste to Phabricator if that’s all right with you, to keep track of it there.

Anyone is always welcome to provide specifications here on Space if they are not familiar with Phabricator.