Category for the Tamazight UG

Hi, all can someone create a project like this for the Wikimedians of Tamazight UG?
or just show me how to do that and I will create it by my self =)

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Hi @Reda_Kerbouche!

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re interested in creating a discussion category for the Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group, similar to the category that the Tremendous Wiktionary UG has, which you’ve linked to (please correct me if you meant something different). That’s great! We’d be happy to host your discussions here.

We are trying an approach right now where community groups who want places to discuss will start with a tag first (described in Own subcategory for the Norwegian Wikimedia Community), which can then be converted into a subcategory with participation from users.

Tags work similarly to categories in that you can click on them and go to a separate discussion board with posts with that tag. I’ve just created a #tamazight-wikimedians tag and added it to this topic. It has its own URL for all posts with that tag:

If you’d like the tag to read something different, just let me know! I thought tamazight-wikimedians was a good option to not make it too long. Could make it wikimedians-tamazight-ug or tamazight-ug or just leave it. They are easy to change.

You can customize your notifications around the tag, by visiting the tag page and clicking on the circle in the top right corner. Select “watching” to be notified by email anytime anyone uses that tag in a post.

Invite your user group here, and with activity using that tag, we will happily convert it to a subcategory for easier navigation from the homepage :)

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