Changing the cc license of wiktionary

Now that we have wikilexemes which can really help wiktionary why not wiktionary help wikidata lexemes too? What are the steps to change the cc license of a project? Should there be voting im each community?
I think both projects can coexist and benefit eachother.


Well, Wikidata Lexeme could also be licenced CC BY-SA, as discussed when they adopted the new namespace.

And, I am still eager to see any help from Lexeme to Wiktionaries, I though Lexeme was mostly made to help Wikidata.

To answer to your questions, a licence change is not possible, there is plenty people that accept to write a content under CC BY-SA and SA means the licence will be kept. You can’t neglect this or it’s copyfraud as when Wikidatians copied inventories of pages from Wikipedia (data is not protected but a nomenclature may be). It could just ruins Creative Commons confidence.
So, both project will coexist, and they may benefit to some people, for sure, but for eachother, I am still waiting evidence.


Hello, now I can’t see any help from lexem to Wiktionaries, can you tell me a real example where lexem is used in one Wiktionary ?

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