Closed groups

Sometimes, collaboration just feels more comfortable in a closed environment. Across the Wikimedia movement, there are lots of groups that prefer to work this way. Because on-wiki spaces don’t allow for this type of collaboration, some volunteers have gravitated toward Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other related platforms.

Discuss closed groups provide many of the benefits of these channels without the drawbacks. Closed groups allow users to collaborate and discuss privately amongst trusted peers, with the option to nominate their own moderatorship. Settings can be configured to make these closed groups invite-only, or they can be set to allow outsiders to request access. To ensure that these groups also maintain a friendly environment, they are also subject to the Wikimedia Space guidelines and accessible by site moderators.

As with all other groups, these closed groups can easily be linked to email. We are currently looking into how to link these groups with Telegram and WhatsApp as well.

To request a closed group, open a new topic in the #about-wikimedia-space category, or send a PM to the moderators group with the following information:

  • Name of closed group:
  • Additional members to be added immediately (optional):
  • Closed group configured as ‘request to join’ or ‘invite only’

The initial groups to request a closed format will be early testers, and will help determine configurations and best practices for this type of group.


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