Comments style

Is the non-indented style of replies to a thread intentional?
Would it be possible to change it, even just at a single thread level?

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Yes, it’s very much intentional!

Direct replies to a particular post are handled differently in Discourse software.

Here is an explanation that very thoroughly addresses how replies are handled and why Discourse is set up this way:

Quoting from the post, the Discourse threading model is set up as follows:

  1. Posts are chronologically ordered in a topic,
  2. On the parent post, there will be a button indicating there are replies that aren’t directly subsequent to the parent post; clicking that button will make those replies appear below the parent with indentation.
  3. A post that is a reply to something other than the post preceding it will have an icon on the upper right indicating who that post is replying to. Clicking that icon will make the parent post appear directly above the post, also with indentation.

Also, a direct summarizing quote: “Discourse’s threading model is designed to promote better, more considerate, conversation that’s rigorously focused on the topic of the original post. By creating a flat post chain, it’s easier for someone to read and grasp the entirety of a conversation and understand how it evolved with time. It also creates an intrinsically cohesive conversation.”

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Ok, thanks.
I think it’s fair to say then that actually 2 systems are coexisting here. It is not impossible to follow part of a conversation in a threaded way, but one needs to click to make it happen. TY.