Configurations for the Hungarian Wikipedia community forum

Re: Creating a forum for the Hungarian Wikipedia community

@Tgr_WMF, I’ve created this subcategory and enabled reply by email. I’ve also set you as the category moderator.

In terms of mailing list mode, any user who sets their notification preferences for this category to “watching” will get an email whenever anything is posted. They can also reply and post via email. Users can also set their site-wide email preferences using “enable mailing list mode”, but this is not category-specific.


@ELappen_WMF Based on Tgr’s request, you created this forum. Thank you for that. But is this forum then the “huwiki community forum”? Or this is just an other thread to discuss it?

Update: meanwhile I found this forum: About the huwiki category While the title of it still does not say, this is the place I am looking for, but based on the description it looks like :)

Now, I checked one more. Am I right, that the huwiki subcategory itself is the “huwiki community forum” I am looking for, and we (anybody) can already create separate topics inside of it?

Other thing: may I ask you to make me a subcategory moderator for huwiki beside Tgr? I love to be a moderator :smiley:

I answered via email (in order to test the feature).


Hello @Samat! Yes, this is the huwiki community forum. Glad you made it here! Anyone can open a new topic in this subcategory. Just click on the “huwiki” subcategory and hit the “New Topic” button in the top right to start a conversation.

This thread can be for deciding on the configurations.

I have an other technical question (related to configuration?).

What is the email address that one can use to send a message to the #regional-coordination:huwiki forum via email (not a reply, but as a new topic)?

As of now, the incoming email address is In production, these addresses will be shifted to addresses and we can use another naming convention as well.

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Thanks for setting this up @ELappen_WMF!

I don’t think I have access to mod tools here.

I’ve set you as a category moderator, but it looks like for now the feature only allows category moderators to review flags and not access the other moderator tools (merging topics, splitting topics, closing topics, etc.): It seems that the rest is in the works, but if it doesn’t come out soon organically, it’s likely something we’re willing to commission.

(Partially tracked in T230850.)