Configuring notifications

Ever feel like your watchlist just isn’t cutting it? Ever wanted to customize your notifications about certain topics, from certain users, in certain spaces, selecting anything from completely muted to receiving a notification for every comment left?

The discussion portion of Wikimedia Space allows you to do that. Follow what you want, where you want, when you want.

Five levels for tracking content

There are five levels for tracking topics, tags and categories. These settings can be configured manually and are also triggered by certain actions. For example, reading a topic entirely or over a longer period of time will automatically increase the level of tracking, and replying in a topic will too.

Levels of tracking, from less to more:

  • Muted: The user will not be notified about changes, and the topic(s) will not appear in their “Latest”.

  • Normal: The user will be notified when someone mentions them or replies to their post/comment.

  • Watching first post (in tags and categories): Normal + the user will be notified about new topics created.

  • Tracking: Normal + in tags and categories the user will track all topics + a count of new replies will be shown in lists.

  • Watching: Tracking + the user will receive a notification for every comment.

Configuring notifications with regard to other users is slightly different, as only “muted” and “normal” options exists. “Muted” will not hide the user’s comments in discussions, but will suppress any notifications related to the activity of that user.

To set preferences from your profile:

Click on your avatar and then your username to access your profile. Clicking on the preferences tab will bring you to a screen with your notifications in the sidebar. From here, you can configure your general preferences, including those pertaining to tags, users and categories.

To set preferences directly on a topic, tag or category:

You can manually and individually set preferences directly on specific topics, tags and categories. Keep your eyes peeled for an empty or blue circle. This circle can appear in different places on different screens, so you might have to look around a bit.

In categories and tags, it will appear in the top right:

In topics, it can appear in the middle right or at the very bottom of the page:

Email and web notifications

You will get email or web notifications depending on the defaults of the system and you user preferences. In addition to the notifications for new topics and replies mentioned above, you can receive other notifications, such as:

  • Notifications when someone likes your posts or comments.

  • A periodical digest featuring the most relevant topics or activity, which will be sent only when you are not active in the site.

  • A “mailing list mode” can be set in user preferences, which will generate emails for every action respecting muted topics, tags, and categories.

More notification options in future iterations

As we want Wikimedia Space and MediaWiki to integrate as seamlessly as possible, we are aiming to not only enable a single-step Wikimedia login, but to integrate notifications as well. We are working to develop a way to update MediaWiki pages through RSS feeds, as well as as well as integrate Discourse and WordPress notifications as MediaWiki notification echos, and integrate Discourse and WordPress search results as MediaWiki related search results.


A post was split to a new topic: Make “Visit Topic” a button on Space emails

Aha! This was the setting I wanted. I was going to make a post asking if this was possible, but found the answer here as a suggested topic. :)
I have now configured the tag so that I only get emailed about new post’s creation, and am not automatically subscribed to each of them (but can subscribe to the ones I’m interested in).