Create account modal after OAuth screen is confusing

This was sent to me by a pt-br editor from ptwiki, concerning login at Wikimedia Space:

After hiting login, a window appeared asking what name I wanted to use. At the end, there was a blue button labeled “Criar Nova Conta”. But I didn’t wanted to create a new account, as I already had logged in as “Bageense”.

Then I closed the window and I was logged out :no_mouth:

The button should say instead “Confirmar” (confirm) or something like that, and not that a new account would be created.


Not a huge issue but that confused me a bit.

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Lool como é que você me achou aqui? :sweat_smile:

Nos tópicos sugeridos abaixo :sweat_smile:


If I’m understanding correctly, @Darwin and @Bageense, I think this is actually not a translation issue. The English is the same. You’re correct in that there are two screens. The first is when you authorize access to your Wikimedia account:


And the second is the account creation modal for Space itself (which is a necessary step of creating an account with Discourse, the software that powers this side of Space):

With the modal text, I’ve tried to be clear about what is happening, but I can see how a second screen could be confusing. The text should be clearer. What if I modified the modal title/button to say “Create a Wikimedia Space Account” as in here:

Or maybe “Finalize Wikimedia Space account creation”? I can also modify the text that goes below the title.

For anyone who found this confusing, I’d be really curious to know how we can make it clearer!


We all have proper SUL-accounts here, why at all a new window?
I don’t want to create a new account, I just want to activate my already existing SUL-account in this part of the Wikiverse. Finalise logging in or Go to my account page should be all that’s necessary for SUL-accounts


The create account modal is a necessary step in Discourse (the software powering this forum) the first time a user authenticates. I’ve just gone back and clarified that above. We can’t unfortunately just remove it. We could make the text talk about “finalizing logging in”, even though technically the step is about creating a Discourse account. It’d be nice to be as clear, succinct and predictable as possible but at the same time not misrepresent what is happening in this step.

Yes, “Create account” works. But “create new account” is misleading. I don’t want a new account! Get it? And even if I knew I’d be creating an account in this plataform, it’d still be misleading, because even though the account technically is new, it implies I already had another one. Thats it :slight_smile: