Creating a forum for the Hungarian Wikipedia community

The huwiki community used to have a mailing list but it has been defunct for five years or so, and IMO it has contributed to the community’s stagnation. I intend to propose restarting it based on up-to-date technology, and the Wikimedia Space might just be what we need.

If we were to use this site for that, how would that look? At first glance, I imagine the requirements to be:

  • a separate “view” of Hungarian Wikipedia related discussions (a category, I imagine; it doesn’t seem to fit into the current category system though)
  • ability to contribute via email (aka. “mailing list emulation mode”. I see little value in trying to mirror the existing list, it has been dead for years and mailman is a nightmare in terms of registration, moderation or spam filtering.)
  • the ability to use wiki login (this is in the works AFAIK); the email address must remain private in the process
  • Hungarian interface. We can handle software translation (if needed at all; current status is 54% and already pretty decent) but there are plenty of not obviously translatable elements:
    • notices like the “Welcome to the Wikimedia Space prototype!” box
    • fundamental documentation like the terms of use
    • translatable labels, or use of Hungarian labels (which should probably be segregated to the Hungarian category then to not confuse other users)
    • ideally there would be a way to link the Hungarian version, so non-registered users following discussion links do not get the English interface. (That could be language-specific links, browser language autodetection, making the Hungarian subsection default to Hungarian interface…)
    • ideally the navigation bar, site name etc. would be translatable
  • self-moderation (of the huwiki community, or the Hungarian-speaking community; in practice there won’t be much difference between the two, the sister projects are tiny)
  • ideally, some very rudamentary site analytics (not necessarily public) - what are the popular topics, is participation going up or down etc. Also, flairs or some other means of identifying Hungarian participants would be nice.

Hey @Tgr_WMF,
Thanks for this outline. Responding to points, in order:

  • I think a separate category makes sense. We could set it up as a subcategory within a larger Regional Coordination-type category that would be home to other coordination subcategories along these lines.
  • Sure, mailing list mode is already on for this instance. Users can enable it in their preferences and it wouldn’t be enforced.
  • Wikimedia login is in progress, yes. Email address would be private.
  • Translatable tags/categories and other interface elements are part of the plan to build a fully multilingual Space. There is already browser language autodetection for non-registered users. I don’t believe currently there’s a way to have the interface in a subcategory default to another language, although linking them to the subcategory would mean they only see posts in Hungarian. Would you be able to start with what is available?
  • Yes, we can allow for self-moderation in the category.
  • Analytics specific to the sub-category are not available yet, but I can talk to the developer about this. Can we start without this?

Looking forward to getting the ball rolling!

I do not want to discourage anyone, but attempts to make wikimedia-l multilingual were made since at least 2008 when I joined and all of them failed. Meta is kind is multilingual, but languages other than English are used for niche purposes only.

@ELappen_WMF that sounds great! It’s definitely a suitable setup at least for testing out the space.

@ELappen_WMF @Tgr_WMF I checked, which categories do we have. If I would be a newbie looking for a forum where I can ask a question, I would choose the “Ask here” category (About the Ask here category). But the Hungarian community forum is not there (→ newbie is unhappy and leaves). Because of practical reasons, this would be the best choice.

If I see the main goal of the proposed forum, the category “Space Station” (About the Space Station category) fits perfectly. This is what we would like to get. The planned forum has nothing to do with coordination, and it is usually not regional (the common thing is the language). I would choose this category for the place (or space ;)) where the forum (subcategory) will be.

What do you think? :thinking:

Is it possible (technically) to move the subcategory under an other category?

Hey @Samat, it’s possible to move this subcategory, absolutely. We can configure things however makes sense.

One thing to note would be that with the full set of multilingual features we are developing, conversations in Hungarian will be able to happen in every single category of the forum. This would mean that, eventually, in #space-station and in #ask-here, there will be many threads in Hungarian and many other languages. Users will be able to configure their preferences to be notified whenever anything is posted in the languages they speak, and filter conversations by language. Hence the thinking behind putting the huwiki subcategory in the #regional-coordination, at least for now—this particular category can be used for communication regarding Hungarian projects, Hungarian GLAM partnerships, etc., whereas topics belonging to other categories can happen in Hungarian in those categories. How does this sound to you?

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Sounds really interesting: we will create forums in several languages here — a real Tower of Babel :slight_smile:

Ok, let’s try it!

Just for my understanding: is it possible to move the subcategory now, or is it possible anytime later together with all the topics and messages, so the users will not notice anything?

We can easily move it at any time!

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No need to worry about category navigation for now, IMO. Just a get a few of the more curious huwiki users over with a link and see if the interface is acceptable, see how well emails work, get the translation done etc.

In the longer term, I agree that regional coordination doesn’t really describe what the sub-forum would be about. (Ask a question isn’t really it either, at least the existing mailing list was mainly members chatting and sharing news, not so much a help desk (although there would definitely be benefits to having a help desk style place).) Mixed languages are very useful for the metapedian crowd (event organizers, affiliates, stewards etc) but very confusing for a wiki community, so the huwiki chat should be a fairly segregated thing. But we’ll have plenty of time to think about that after checking the more obvious issues (such as, are community members willing to use Discourse at all?).


(See also Configurations for the Hungarian Wikipedia community forum)

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