Dark theme on Wikipedia

As I open Wikipedia during evening hours, that white screen is little annoying, so I`m wondering, if there is some discussion for black theme on Wikipedia. Hopefully, that will be implemented in upcoming planned redesign of Wikipedia at desktop, but it would be nice to hear that is planned to have dark skin of Wikipedia, as a lot of pages/apps on Internet already have.


In the app, there is already a dark theme in the settings.

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This query arrived second in Community wishlist survey 2019 so Community Tech team is working on it.


@Ainali yeah, I know that, but I edit Wikipedia on desktop, so my question was in that direction :slight_smile:

@Noé thanks for information, I hope that Community Tech team will give update on this very soon.

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There is a working inversion-based solution by WMF devs (can be used as a user script):

And there is a theming-based (custom colors) version by me for Vector and Timeless skins (can be used from global.css or with an addon):

The former seems to be production-ready, I hope it will be integrated. The latter approach with custom colors is unlikely to become production-ready, as overriding the inlined color styles in wikipages and templates comes at a performance cost on the client and requires unlimited work-hours on the part of the developer.