Deleting a post and event name duplication

I created a new event named “Gender equal world”, but forgot to add the date (8 March 2020), and was unable to find a way to add it afterwards. then I deleted it, in order to create a new one properly, but I keep receiving the message that the event already exists, but I can’t find it anymore :worried:

Description is:
“Exposição e eventos relacionados ao dia Internacional da Mulher e à iniciativa Arte & Feminismo, com o apoio e colaboração da Embaixada da Suécia em Portugal”

Try again now? When an author deletes a post, it stays as a withdrawn post for 24 hours to allow for any sort of necessary reference to it or decision-making around it. I have gone in and deleted it as it didn’t appear to have content still there. You shouldn’t have the issue of name duplication anymore.

By the way, the pen and paper button below the post should give you the option to add or change date/time/location after the event is created.

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Thanks! I could swear that option to open an event was not there before, but now I had not experimented any problem.