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Hi friends,

I am Hang, the designer in Community Relations at the Wikimedia Foundation and I am currently responsible to make Wikimedia Space a friendly space in regards to user experience and interface design! It’s a prototype, so we’re constantly improving as we go along.

The concept of Wikimedia Space is not easy to grasp sometimes, so we thought we needed a proper landing page to better unite and communicate the two main parts of Wikimedia Space: Blog and Discuss. We’ve put up a new homepage to try to achieve this:

I am starting this topic to invite anyone and everyone to voice their opinion about design to make this space as welcoming to different people with different backgrounds, different goals, different missions as possible.

To me design is a process, a long one, it takes time, taking into account different perspectives.

I am open to all feedback (except, perhaps, “I just don’t like this color” ;)) What do you think about this new design?

Looking forward to our discussions,



I actually find it odd that I do not have a direct link to my profile from the main page (in fact, I am only using my profile as a landing page and then go to the latest topics).

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Good point you are bringing up here and that should definitely be the goal to add that!
Just to clarify, do you mean the main page as in (the new landing page)?
If so, then just a bit of context from the tech side. So the main page and the blog are run by Wordpress and the Forum/Discuss is run by Discourse. For now the challenge is the communication of those two systems. When you are on the landing page or the blog, Wordpress doesn’t know if you are logged in or not in Discuss (also doesn’t know your profile link etc.).
It will be a technological question of if/when we can solve this. @CKoerner_WMF, might be able to give more details on that.


It seems strange to me that there’s no Wikimedia branding on the home page.


It does indeed, but the reason for this is that this is still a pilot, and that there are too many logos to choose from. I think the idea is to wait a bit and see how this works before this is branded (Foundation? Community? Projects?, a broad scope to choose from).


Not a big fan of #14866D and #00AF89.

Only joking of course :wink:

I agree with @Ymblanter about the fact that the landing page not showing that you’re logged in is a bit strange, but I understand that it’s a challenge to get WP and Discourse to be friends.

Before the new landing page, I quite liked that I saw the latest blog post whenever I visited Space. I’m worried that I and others may not remember to actively click on the “Blog” link and see all the great content posted there. This is of course remedied a bit by the fact that the “Discuss”-section serves as the commenting interface for blog posts, but I’m worried that most people will go directly to the discuss-section most of the time and that the blog will be neglected readership-wise.

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I think we can get them to be good friends, eventually.

I see, I share your concerns. Personally, I think the redundancy is not too bad. It’s better than the other way around (the blog getting too much attention and nobody coming to Discuss), since dialogue is a good thing.
It will also depends a bit on your personal preference, maybe you do just want to learn about the latest news in the Wikimedia universe, for those the blog should be the place to get that. I would like to work on making the blog more reading-friendly, e.g. larger, serif font, less visual distractions (buttons, links etc).


I spotted a broken link in the footer to “” (needs the trailing ‘=’ trimmed off).


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