Discourse threads shown on wiki pages

  1. I’m interested in implementing discourse threads shown on wiki pages (eg. talk pages). Presumably as a template. Number/age/length of visible posts limited. Expandable to full view.
  2. (after 1.) A “New discussion” button next to “New section” on talk pages, that creates a new discourse thread, a new section on the page, and inserts the template to show the thread in the section. Discourse thread categorized similar to: Wiki discussions / <wiki project> / <page name> / <topic title>
  3. Watchlisting a page automatically tracks the discourse threads on the page. (Discourse notifications integrated to wiki Notices, or as a 3rd dropdown, in a separate task).

Further idea:

  • Discussion threads for edits, initiated from, and listed in the edit history.

Intriguing idea. :slight_smile: Are you thinking of using Discourse in wiki Talk pages? And are you thinking in Space’s Discourse and Wikimedia wikis or any other combination?

Also, when you say that you are interested in implementing, do you mean that you plan to work on this yourself?

Sorry, many questions!

  1. Yes, threads “transcluded” partially (last/unread replies) to any wiki page, except articles (talk and project namespace, primarily, user/usertalk namespace for personal collections). Partial thread is extendable, or links to full thread for those interested.
  2. Technically: transcluding any thread from any discourse instance to any mediawiki instance. On wmf wikis this would be constrained to wmf discourse boards, I assume. Use-cases:
    • Including movement-wide notifications (permanent, closed topic), and discussions (temporary, open) from discuss-space into project village pump pages, and other “forum” pages.
    • Discussions specific to a page (in any non-talk namespace). This is an opt-in alternative to talk page and structured discussion threads, inserted into talk pages. These discussions would clutter up and eventually overwhelm the active topics board on discuss-space, thus a separate discourse instance would be preferable. Maybe separate discourse instances for big projects in the long run, if this feature is used widely.
  3. Yes, I plan to work on it. This, or similar feature (the second use-case, above) is necessary for the design proposal I’ve drafted for the user reporting system, that’s also my interest.
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The Discourse extension sounds like it’d be the home for this sort of functionality. I’ve been working on a general-purpose Lua interface to retrieve data from Discourse sites. For example, discourse.getData( 't/1708.json' ) would get this topic, which could then be displayed however is required (at the moment the above patch is just showing lists of topic titles, linked to Discourse).

The feature of adding new threads sounds great, especially if they’re automatically transcluded to the place they’re added from. I’m not sure how this would work technically, and presumably the user would be sent here to Discourse to do the actual writing, but it sounds like there’s good potential to make it easier. I think a good first step might be for adding events: where an event list is shown on-wiki, there’s a button to add a new event (automatically tagged with the right tags).

Anyway, come and hack on the extension, if you’re keen!

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