Discourse UI in your own language

If I go to user settings > interface on meta.discourse.org, I get a language selector. I don’t see that here. Does it need to be enabled somehow?

Once that’s fixed, there should be some sort of autodetection where users with a non-english browser language get a banner or similar notice about changing the language. Not sure if Discourse supports that out of the box, but IMO it’s part of the bare minimum feature set for any multilingual website, and worth paying for if necessary.


Full multilingual support is in our plans, and enabling localized UIs is one of the first steps indeed.

We are defining the implementation of multilingual support at a task management level at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T226721.

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Is there a reason not to enable it now? It works fine on https://discourse-mediawiki.wmflabs.org/

I’d like to suggest this as a mailing list replacement for huwiki (where the community mailing list has quietly expired a few years ago) but not having any i18n support is a non-starter.

Hey @Tgr_WMF, we’ve now enabled it, announced at Building a multilingual Space, part I.

Would be happy to work with you on the mailing list replacement for huwiki. If you’d like to suggest it to them, we can get it started.

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There’s a big wave of translations in Transifex from June 30 to July 7. I wonder what it is due to? (I mean, I like to think it was Wikimedians obviously, but it was a while ago…)

(This was probably discussed elsewhere, but just to follow up here, we have been waiting for the unified login with this, which was enabled a week or two ago, so we’ll start soon.)