Discuss Space trust level growth report

Discourse has a new feature related to Trust levels and user rights in Wikimedia Space


January 18 - February 19

June 25 - February 19

The colors are difficult to distinguish, a problem that has been reported.

Right now we have this distribution of trust levels:

  • TL0 New user: 432
  • TL1 Basic: 381
  • TL2 Member: 53
  • TL3 Regular 4
  • TL4 Leader: 3

PS: Doh, sorry for the floating window in the screenshots.

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These links do not work for non-admins.

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I was just checking whether someone was paying attention. :smirk:

Well no, that was a mistake that it is fixed now with the best public URLs I could find. Thank you for noticing @Papuass!