Display Wikimedia Space notifications in your wiki

As you become active in Wikimedia Space, you will start seeing notifications next to your avatar, up here. :point_up:

Especially if you come here just from time to time, wouldn’t it be nice to see new Wikimedia Space notifications exactly where you are already seeing your notifications on-wiki?

It is technically possible and, with your help defining requirements and testing, we would like to implement these features.

Related: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T212676

Interested? Let’s talk! :nerd_face:

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In the meantime, you can enable live (browser/desktop) notifications in your preferences (profile image in the upper right corner > gearwheel > Notifications > Live Notifications > Enable Notifications; linking impossible because URL includes username), which might also help to avoid you missing your notifications.


Very good point @Lucas_Werkmeister!

(And here goes a nice little feature of discourse: you can use “my” in user specific URLs, e.g. https://discuss-space.wmflabs.org/my/preferences/notifications).

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I think it could be useful if notifications from Wikimedia Space could be shown on Wikimedia projects via Echo somehow. That would probably require some changes on the MediaWiki end of things though, and possibly also in Discourse. I don’t visit Space too often, so getting notifications from here on-wiki would help in making me notice replies and reactions faster. (As an extension of this, perhaps notifications from Phabricator could also be pipelined into Echo?)


Hi @Jon_Harald_Søby see on Phabricator :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks for the link. I’m surprised that ticket was created in December, I could’ve sworn Space was only a few months old.

It was originally created for Space’s predecessor/testbed, WDS.

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Time travel in Space! :wink: