Do you have questions about organizing for #WikiForHumanRights? Let us know

Do you have questions about the tactics and documentation for Organizing for the #WikiForHumanRights campaign? Please share them here.

For more information, see the documentation at:


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Is there documentation anywhere about this campaign’s organization?


Hi @Opsylac We have organizing instructions at: and . We would love if you wanted to get more involved (as a host for an event or similar).



How Wiktionaries can participate to this campaign? I think we can describe important words or gather the semantic network to talk about this topic, but maybe it was already made in some languages?

In a similar perspective, in French Wiktionary we made a thesaurus about migration in French. We may suggest a collective task about human right, but I am not sure it fits with your initiative. Any insights?


Sure @Noé. That is a new idea we hadn’t really been anticipating, and it would be great to work on that :slight_smile: I would love to workshop that with you as an idea!

The immediate thought is that you could help build thesauri and vocublaries that cover key concepts in the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and in covering topics like Human RIghts education and the rights of youth to stay with the theme (i.e. based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Children and Youth).

Why don’t you create an on-wiki campaign per the instructions at ? And we can write documentation for the kinds of participation you want :) Once you have a draft, I would love to work with you to socialize it with other wiktionary contributors.

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Hi @Astinson_WMF and thank you for your motivation. I am aware that it is not that easy to take into account each and every projects in the wikiverse, especially when there is no local liaison. So, I made a Humanism project in French Wiktionary, describing briefly your initiative and drafting some directions.

I found most of the texts in Wikisource, but I am not sure for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Children and Youth you mentioned. If it is not yet transcribed in Wikisource in several languages, I suggest you add it in the scope of this project.

I haven’t start a dashboard yet, I am waiting for some people to aggregate to the project, and I don’t want to do all the preparation alone. Also, I haven’t followed your guidelines at first, to do a project Wiktionary-based as we do usually, and that means with a cheap design and mostly a list of pages and suggestions. I may add some template later on.

It is not that easy to identify the more accurate words to include in this initiative, but it’s quite interesting :slight_smile:


Sorry, I typed the wrong thing into my search: the Declaration of Rights of the Child is the correct document (you can see that Human Rights is still a new space for me :stuck_out_tongue: ) . The Wiktionary project you are developing looks quite interesting! I have added the page to:

I have added it to the event list here:

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Thank you. I added some translation marks in Meta, but it is not perfect when there is transclusion, maybe another translation admin could fix that. Is @Pamputt around by any chance?

Thanks! Always a great thing to work on.

I checked but everything was good already :slight_smile:


@Pamputt – I think its not working properly in the transclusions.

Indeed, I read too fast. Now, it should work properly.

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Still not quite, look at
Tables in French are not transcluded, and I have no idea how to fix that.

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Better now.


Yes, and I also fixed with the same code.

Well, sorry for this off-topic, but every pages can be multilingual now!


Hi there!
If you could add visuals to the communication tab (, it would be wonderful. That could help unify communication across languages + on social media, we do need images to grab attention.
Thanks in advance! :)


@Flor_WMCH we have something coming in a few days – but its more of a gif – the anchor visual for the campaign at the moment is the hashtag.

OK, wonderful!