Draft environmental sustainability blog post

Hi, I created a draft for a blog post on the current state of things around environmental sustainability in the Wikimedia movement following the release of the WMF sustainability assessment in September. Please check out the draft and let me know what you think!

(Ibarna, CC BY-SA 2.0)


The link doesn’t work!


Just a note that users will have to be signed into the Blog side of Space in order to see the draft. Visit the Blog, then scroll down and select “Log in to the Wikimedia Space Blog” in the footer. After signing in there, the link should work just fine :)

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Sorry, I really need to take a moment to underline just how cool this approach is - sharing a draft so that it can be improved - it’s great. Bravo, Gnom. It definitely looks better than the first time I read it. Thank you for putting the effort in writing and in dealing with these topics.

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Thank you, @Elitre_WMF. I’ve already sent the draft to half a dozen people for review (both WMF staff and community members). Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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I noticed that there’s no mention of the carbon footprint of Wikimania. Wouldn’t it make sense to include that in the report?

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Hi @Vexations, calculating the carbon footprint of Wikimedia is definitely a good idea, but the Wikimedia Foundation hasn’t published any numbers on this.

I’m still unable to login there… It says I must go to Wordpress and enter from there? :neutral_face:

Hi Darwin, did you follow the login instructions for the blog? Please try this link: https://space.wmflabs.org/wp-login.php

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It says: There is already an account registered with the username supplied by Discourse. If this is you, login through WordPress and visit your profile page to sync your account with Discourse

Looking at the report, the only number I could find was for Movement Events (e.g. Wikimania , hackathons, TechConf, professional conferences, other community facing events (i.e. GLAM Wiki, Wiki+Education , Iberoconf etc )): 601.62 tCO2eq or 28.21% compared to 1,164.16 tCO2eq or 54.60% for Data Centers and WMF Server Room. Interestingly, when asked “Where do you think Wikimedia should focus its environmental efforts?”, the WMF employees chose Business travel impacts. I wonder if this space could be used to reduce the environmental impact of such travel.

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Try now, please.


Thanks, it seems to be working now. :blush:


@Gnom, this is a great idea sharing the draft here before publishing. Why didn’t I think of that! :)

I think the draft is in good shape and ready to publish. It does a good job summarizing the work that is happening around sustainability and puts the importance in sharp relief.

Unless you have reservations, how does scheduling this to publish first thing Wednesday morning (UTC) sound?

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@CKoerner_WMF Thanks for the feedback! You mean 27 November (and not 20) right? Then yes :-)

Yes, the 27th would be what I meant to say. Scheduled for 7 in the morning. :)

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Cool! I saw you ‘scheduled’ the post, so that means I can’t make any more changes, is that correct?

Yes, I believe so. Hmm. I can change that if you’d like to make edits. :slight_smile:

Yes, please – I’d like to exchange one of the pictures, and I am calling @LHamilton_WMF to ask her about any updates on Monday.

Done, feel free to edit!

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