Duplicates in timezone choices when creating an event

Continuing the discussion from Modify timezone text of events list view: I guess that the change of hiding the cities made the list for choosing timezone weird. Now you see, for example +1 UTC, several times but no idea why they are displayed several times. In this list, the city should not be hidden is my suggestion.


Thanks for pointing this out, @Ainali, I hadn’t noticed. You’re right it is related to the change in the timezone text, and the list is strangely redundant now. Curious to know what @HDothiduc_WMF thinks in terms of a fix.

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Interesting bug! Thanks for reporting that @Ainali

In terms of fix, well I think Ainali already said it, either having the City names in that particular menu back or getting rid of the duplicates. I don’t have a preference, though having the city names back probably helps users more.

Unfortunately, I can’t fix it on my end.
(@ELappen_WMF, as the time format we set in our admin preferences seem to affect all areas where time zones are displayed, this is something that needs to be changed in code (events plugin))


See here:

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Sorry, had not noticed that the first report also included the drop down list problem

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The screenshot is helpful anyhow, thanks!

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I would choose to show the City names in that particular menu. I had problems to find out which time zone is the event, I wanted to add, and a city name could help to identify it.

(I wanted to report this problem for weeks, but I have had no time until now.)

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