Easy entry point for environmentally aware people

Here is an idea I would like to bounce. We could encourage people that care about the climate and/or environment to create an account and put some articles on their watchlist in order to keep them free from vandalism. My idea is that it is an easy way for people to do something. And since it is quite non-committal (they are not committing to correct or write anything at all right now, just possibly in the future), people might actually do it. And if the previous research stands, that as soon as people have taken the first step it is more likely they will be more involved in the future, this will be a pretty low hurdle to pass.

So would it make sense to make some campaigning material with this theme? And if so, what kinds of material would be useful?

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If the goal isn’t to have everyone watching the same “big” articles, then some system by which people can pick and choose some less-watched pages might be good. Also, it’d probably help to explain how to get e-mail notifications about changes.

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Indeed, that seems like a very good idea. Can the the “system” be as easy as just giving instructions on that or are you imagining something more formal like a list or even an app?

I’d recommend starting with a simple note, and doing something more formal only if necessary. Maybe it would help to link to a few categories (to save the trouble of making lists)? If several people watched all the articles in each sub-category, you’d have a really formidable group.


+1 to WhatAmIDoing’s suggestions.

In my volunteer capacity, on EnWiki I have been seeing the kinds of editing trends that are happening on Climate Change via the tools that are embedded in the wikiProject Page at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Climate_change . I wonder if we could form some kind of collective, Wikidata driven dashboard for watching the changes across multiple wikis: one of the more compelling things about Wikimedia is that individual pages may be rather empty, but collectively each topic area sees a lot of acitvity.

I’m not sure if a watchlist is enough for really getting someone engaged though – watchlists don;t really become active until you hit a few hundred/thousand articles, or you happen to stumble onto current event topics.


Alex Stinson posed an excellent question a while back: “What are some small actions that newcomers can do to get engaged?” We’ve since put together a list of relatively small-to-medium-sized actions here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Climate_change/Small_to_medium_tasks . Please let us know what you think, and/or edit that page.


Well, if we at the same time advise people to activate email for the watch list, constantly having more than 1 change per day might even be too much. I don’t expect them to actually be logged in everyday and going to their watchlist, I think that is too much to ask for.

I think those are all great small to medium task for experienced Wikipedia editors. However, I think they are a bit too complicated for someone that are doing their first edits.