Edit the location of an event

If I have an event with a location, and I would like to edit the location, I cannot.


  1. click on the already defined location --> the form appears with the already filled out Name (optional) field, but all other fields are empty --> fill out the address fields again --> save
  2. delete the already defined location --> add a new one

Do you have the same experience?

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I am not sure, if this is the right place for this kind of questions. Should we make a phabricator ticket for them, or discussion here is fine?

This is the right place! You should be able to edit all fields by clicking on the orange pen and paper icon in the top right (this is the wiki icon). I agree it’s slightly confusing because the large pen icon allows you to edit most other fields, but not location or post content. The orange pen and paper allows for all changes.

Thank you, maybe I just haven’t found out yet, how it works.

The black pen icon beside the title make me possible to edit the top fields (title, category, tags, date and time). The orange pen offers me a wiki-like surface to edit the message, and the “Edit wiki” button on this screen (bottom right corner) or the gray “Edit” button below my original post let me possible to edit all fields.

My problem is, that if I would like to modify the the location, the pop-up window forgets the values (except the optional name field), and I have to fill out the address fields again.

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Ah yes, you are correct. You have to start again except for the optional name field. This has caused me some frustration in the past but I suppose not enough to file a Phabricator task, until now: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T231042 :slight_smile:
Feel free to add any detail to the task.