Educational initiatives in South Africa?

Hi, all! I was connected with someone in South Africa this week who is interested in Wikipedia. She is working with a township (I don’t have details of which one), and they were upset to see the township has a stub entry. I don’t have information about whether this is on English Wikipedia or Xhosa Wikipedia. I know at one point, Pieter Streicher and Erica Litrenta were working on Wikipedia with students. Can I connect my contact with them (or someone else)? Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


Maybe I can help. I am user Pbsouthwood on English Wikipedia

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You might try contacting There are some great editors in that country, and there are regular Wikipedia editing events (“edit-a-thons”).


Hey, thanks for reaching out.
I am not the right person to contact, and was going to point to the chapter’s direction myself. TY!