EMLex Wikimedia HackFest 2019

Within the framework of their academic activities, EMLex USC (Spain) and EMLex UMinho (Portugal) have decided to organize next 14 November a Wiktionary hackathon to familiarize EMLex students in Santiago de Compostela and Braga with collaborative lexicographic work in a practical way. The event will take place in the Pontevedra campus of the University of Vigo, which already collaborates with EMLex in different issues and is halfway between Braga and Santiago de Compostela.

Take a look to the website!


Hi @Estevoaei, thank you for contributing to Space!

Just a couple of technical comments. If you add the location of this event, it will appear in the map.

Is the event in English only? If not, we can add language tags that will be useful for speakers of these languages. I see your website includes Galego. We don’t have a #galego tag yet, and this event might be the perfect occasion to create it. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It was my first post in the Wikimedia Space :)

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@Estevoaei I have added the address Let me know if you need tags for #galego or any other language.