Facebook community rules best practices

I am an admin of a Hungarian Wikipedia related Facebook group, which has been getting more spam/soapbox comments lately so we need to amp up moderation. It would be nice to have an explicit moderation / posting policy instead of just deleting stuff / banning people ad hoc. Are you aware of any good examples to learn from? (Can be non-Wikimedia as well.)


I am a huge fan of the rules for a certain Reddit subreddit. (From desktop, they are on the right column. When you visit the page you can click on each of them to learn more.)
FWIW I believe their secret to a vaguely-more-civil-than-the-rest-of-the-Internet community is in the enforcing.

1.Help us keep our culture & content focus.
2.We keep things friendly and courteous on the Road.
3.This is not the place for venting or cynicism!
4.We abide by the spirit of the game.
5.Above all, we keep it drama-free and chill.
6.We Welcome Honest Questions & Observations.


how about?



The challenge of Wikipedia is more complex than with Facebook or Reddit … #EditWar @wikipedia is not part of the problem but part of the solution.
https://medium.com/@sms2sms/die-genese-des-textes-119714968b17 (German #WikiFürAlle)

For me: The Question would be:

What is Best Practice in Wikipedia?
(Let’s use this learnings also for THIS SPACE ;-)