Feedback about first page "Join" button

I have some issue with this element at first page. To me it creates illusion that I have been logged out from this website and need to log in again (which is not the case).


Yes, this is because Space is run on both Discourse and WordPress software, and the two aren’t currently communicating with each other as well as they could be. So when you’re logged in on Discourse (this side of Space), WordPress (the homepage and the blog) doesn’t know it. If you’re logged in on WordPress, this button goes away.

A big part of what @HDothiduc_WMF will be working on this quarter is making the navigation more seamless and consistent between the two.

I see.

There are also two other buttons “Go to blog” and “Go to Discuss” (leads to same URL as “Join”)

Hmmm they shouldn’t… I just tested, both logged in and logged out.

“Go to Blog” should go to, “Go to Discuss” to, and “Join” goes to the OAuth login if you’re not logged in, and to if you’re already logged in on Discuss (this last issue is what we need to change with communication, as the button should not even appear if you’re logged in on Discuss). So really, they should all go to different places when functioning correctly. Is this what you’re experiencing as well?

Oh, my wording was not the finest :slight_smile:

I meant that “Join” button now goes to same page as “Go to Discuss” when logged in. That’s all.

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