(Final) name of the Wikimedia Space

Is the name of this project already the final one?

Instead of Space something like place? For example agora after the ancient Greeks?

  1. I think, the function of agora was very much the same as we would like to achieve here in the virtual space.
  2. It would be a more international name, than space or place, which are different on other languages than English.

What do you think?


Hey @Samat, the name Space is not necessarily final. We’d be happy to take a look at other possibilities down the line, especially if they are more internationally appropriate.

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Still, let me say that when @HDothiduc_WMF proposed “Space” for the first time, I liked the idea a lot precisely because “space” is a universal concept (literally). It is very likely that most languages will have a native term for “space” defined in their own terms and felt like theirs.

For instance, in comparison, “Agora” responds to a specific organization of social space that corresponds to Greek language, ancient Greece, and cultures with some connection with Greek philosophical, political or academic traditions. Therefore, we could claim that “space” is in fact a more international concept, a term that can be translated to most if not all languages and be felt like their own.

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I think that agora may be a good name, but more for the title for the « Discuss » section that the project.

Space seem a good name, but it’s maybe it is not too different from my native language (espace in French).

If you want a another suggestion, you have alway the algonquin derived word « caucus ».

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TL;DR : “Space” is a too vague concept. We should find an alternative term that focuses more on the idea of sharing ideas, reflections, discussions.

Well I can’t be totally disagree about the european/occidental-centrism remark, it’s true, I won’t argue against that.
But Agora still, at least, have some good points. Even is its european/occidental-centric at least it’s a less english-centric word. Fact is all international wikimedia projects use english name (i.e. Meta-Wiki, Wikidata, Wikispecies, etc.) and even some localized projects (i.e. Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikinews, etc.) ; maybe the only exception is Wikivoyage (where “voyage” was in competition with “travel”, “trip” or “journey”).
So once again we can’t say this project name goes against the idea that English doesn’t take precedence on other languages on Wikimedia’s projects.

To be honest, fact that’s an English word, again, was chose is maybe a bit sad but it is not my main concern.
I’m agree with Samat and Fralambert. “Space” doesn’t really fit well, it’s way too vague.
It might be a common thing in Silicon Valley and other pro-computer and internet technology places where vocabulary used are hyper english-friendly — even in other languages which borrows a lot from the English one — and where “space” might refer to some kind of place to work & discuss, or afterworks activities but outside of this specific sphere it doesn’t mean anything at all for the average person. It’s really a very very vague term. I mean, this concept doesn’t really exist out of this computer tech sphere (already over-represented on WM projects).
I mean what suppose to be a Space of Wikimedia ? A place where we stock Wikimedia thing ? A place where we work ? Where we discuss ? Something link with night sky ? After a search engine query, an uninitiated can’t really guess what is going on there from the link title, I doubt he’s heading out here to reach some tips and infos.
This is my main issue.
If Wikimedia Space aims to address both project participants and the onlookers then the space name should reflect its mains goals somehow. So I’d prefer a more explicit/descriptive or suggestive name than the actual.
For the record, if even Wikimedia Things looks like a better choice that’s really means that there is an issue with the name haha. :sweat_smile: (If I say that it’s because at least we understand that’s kind of collections of topics about Wikimedia and that we won’t go into some kind of workshop for confirmed contributors, it’s onlookers friendly)

So I’m not going to lie but if we find an alternative term which doesn’t come from English and which is despite all pretty understandable. It’s all bonus and we should go for it.

Wikimedia + :

  • Agora : focus on the idea of place to discuss, can also remind AgoraVox so also a collaborative media place where we share articles about WM projects.
  • Forum : pretty explicit. Readers don’t need a lot of thinking, they know what they’re getting into.
  • Tips : focus for help, FAQ, assistance & co (perhaps a bit too reductive)
  • Teem : focus on the idea of a effervescent place and en.wiktionary says also that means “To think fit.” plus it’s homophone of team. My fav I guess, I like the ambiguity brings by both definitions. A another very good pragmatic point is that one won’t have a lot of competition in term of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it’ll therefore quickly become part of the first results for search of the term “teem”)
  • Swarm : focus on the idea of us as a whole where each contributor plays its role like an ant, it may seem insignificant on its own, but nevertheless creating beautiful things together.
  • Meet : focus on the idea of some social network based on WM activities.
  • Workplace : explict the idea behing the actual “space” I guess, can maybe scare the onlookers/beginners away thinking they don’t belong there.
  • Things : hey why not ? :smile: idea of a medley of topic concerning WM + there is a second degree here which supposes that the exchanges are within informal and at everyone’s reach.

My feeling is that all these alternatives would make a better name than the current one, but there’s still got to be other options that I hadn’t thought.


Wikimedia Space to me sounds like an easily translatable name to other languages in the same way as Wikidata, Wiktionary or Wikiquote. I’ve already used the Macedonian translation “Википростор” when referring to it in conversations with members from my community. The more important side is ensuring that the word’s meaning captures a big idea. In that context, “space” has the advantage of alluding to something infinite and unrestricted, thus promoting the concept of Wikimedia as a diverse and ever-growing movement. That said, any future replacement should be sought using a similar reasoning.

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It’s a poetic idea but it doesn’t reveal anything about the purpose of the site itself in the first place and it’s a hindrance for outsiders. We should at least add “Community” as Wikimedia Community Space, the only way to make this Space relevant.

Still, being myself a fan of Space opera, I appreciate the pun of the “Space Station” category but it’s not enough to justify a project name in my humble opinion.