Finances of the WMF


I am Interested in the Finances of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Local Chapters. Do you think it is possible to create a page were the chapters publish every day the donations they recieved and at one day in the month the costs they had last month. publishes every month a report with the money the recieved and the one they had spent. I think that the pages with an overview about the Finances in Metawiki are not so good. Who is the responsible person for things like that. I think I contacted the Controller of the WMF but as far as I know I havent recieved an answer from him. Financial transparency is a very important thing as a NGO.

@Seddon_WMF might be able to speak to the published donation data for the Foundation.

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I’m just a member of the volunteer community here, so I can’t speak for the WMF. However, you can find more information about their finances in their financial reports, which they publish periodically and are audited by KPMG: see


Our most recent annual report is available here. All financial information can be found in our Financial Reports. You may also view a summary of our Annual Plan and Medium term plan for programs, development, fundraising, and spending.

If you are interested in the status of the Fundraiser, including a financial summary and review of our methods and evolving strategy, please see the report for the past fiscal year.

Finally, you can view our four star rating on Charity Navigator, a project which evaluates the responsibility, transparency, and efficiency of nonprofits.


What do you think about my suggestion of a monthly Report. I think all bigger Companies have a monthly internal Reporting about their Costs and Revenue and so if it is possible for a company it is also possible for a NGO where the financial cases are not so complex as in a big Company. If you want I can help you creating some overviews and in collecting the existing data at one place so that it is easier for people to understand where the money comes from and for what it is used.

The WMF currently reports its ongoing financials and programmatic progress through its quaterly tuning sessions which can be viewed here.

Wikimédia France will publish a Fundraising report around February. It’s not interesting to publish a monthly report as most of our fundraising is from October to January and that we don’t collect millions (the goal for 2019-2020 is 435 000 €).

Monthly financial reports would be an unreasonable amount of work for most organizations, for no obvious benefits (what would it be used for?)