First 1000 Space users special badge: what should it look like?

There is something special about landing in a totally new space and contribute to its success. We had the idea to give our first 1000 users a badge as appreciation for your status as early adopters! And to, you know, facilitate bragging down the line ;)

Let’s talk about what this badge should look like!

You can see all the badges on Space here. Almost all of them use icons from Font Awesome, so I think it’s a great basis for designing this new badge. The badge icon is always paired with a badge title and in most cases with a badge description. Therefore no text is necessary in the icon design. We should also keep in mind that the icon should look good in small sizes.

Here are some quick drafts I have made:
user and bolt@2x user fast@2x

But I am very curious what others think would be good visual metaphors for this badge! Post your ideas – with images or with words – here.

Looking at the user list, we can probably take a month or so to brainstorm and then take the designs to a vote in January :star2:


Something around pioneering? is also very Space-y.


A Space Award


I like both concepts much more than mine! And yes The Noun Project is also another great resource! I would probably modify them though - instead of just strokes, to have fills/filled shapes.

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I like both the moon landing and the rocket. I’m thinking we could use the moon landing with many flags, to show that it’s 1000, a collective, rather than just one person? :smiley:


This isn’t a celebratory logo though. The accomplishment is for the individual for being an early adopter. Badges are personal anyway.

:thinking: I like Delphine’s idea, at the same time I think Erica is right. It could be that one flag is in the front and a few flags are in the back.