First prototypes of possible technical improvements of templates

In the german Technical Wishes survey 2019, the subject area “Working more easily with templates” was chosen as the main focus. This means that the Technical Wishes team of Wikimedia Deutschland will be working on this topic for two years and tackle various problems in it.

Since then, research into which improvements could be implemented has been conducted. Over the coming weeks, a series of ideas for possible projects will be published regularly on the project page. Everyone is invited to evaluate and comment on them. For a balanced picture, feedback is sought from Wikimedians with different levels of experience, working methods and fields of work. Based on this feedback, the Technical Wishes team will consider whether to implement the ideas, revise them, or discard them in favor of others. Depending on the outcome of this prototyping phase, there might be another round of new ideas to provide feedback on later in the year.

Important: Since we want to present new prototypes regularly in the coming weeks and we don’t want to flood users’ inboxes, we ask all interested people to watch the project page.