Fundraising Messaging Themes - Whats missing?

Fundraising Time: Last week I asked “What’s your favorite thing about Wikipedia that you wish our readers and donors knew?”. Thank you to everyone who replied

From all the places I asked the question, there were a number of themes that came up:

  1. That the people behind the project are just like you and me
  2. Anyone can contribute and you can be part of it
  3. People come to us to learn and develope, to discover the unknown.
  4. We cover or aim to cover all of the worlds knowledge
  5. Poverty, Inequality, Conflict: Knowledge is the solution to the worlds problems
  6. Wikipedia is free
  7. Our scale: Wikipedia is the only non-profit website among the world’s top 100 most-visited websites.

Whats missing?

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Somebody mentioned on Facebook, but I don’t see here:
“Wikipedia is created and maintained by volunteers in their free time.”
Large portion of the people still believe that Wikipedia has a (paid) editorial board…