Getting started on Space - hello new users!

Rocket Launch

So you just joined Space and you’re not quite sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered.

The main page of the Discuss side of Wikimedia Space is organized by categories, listed in the left-hand column. These are the thematic building blocks of the forum. Topics are organized into these broad categories based on their content. The right-hand column is populated with the latest content. You can see how recently it was posted, as well as how many replies the topic has so far.

Scroll down on the main page to the About Wikimedia Space category. It’s the best place to get oriented on the platform. In it, you’ll find users asking questions about Space features and content. You’ll also find the Space how-to subcategory, with posts that are provide explanations for configuring notifications, using categories and tags, understanding trust levels and user rights, and more.

The About Wikimedia Space category also contains a Space feature requests subcategory, filled with ideas from Space users about how to improve the platform. Because Wikimedia Space is in prototype phase, we welcome any and all feedback about how we can build it to best meet your needs.

Online tutorials are often kind of a pain. Luckily, the one developed by Discourse (the software that powers the Discuss side of Wikimedia Space), is actually fun and interactive. Visit your inbox and click on the welcome message from Discobot to get started. It takes a few minutes and will earn you an “Informed” badge.

Finally, if you have any questions and prefer to ask privately, feel free to send me a private message at any time.